Braces and Orthodontic services in Mckinney

Orthodontist Services in McKinney

Dr. Buchanan Orthondist Services in McKinney provides orthodontic treatment as a service to our regular patients, ranging from simple interceptive treatments all the way to full brackets and wires, allowing you to receive this specialty dental care from doctors who already know you and your teeth.

When a patient has all of his/her adult teeth, a complimentary orthodontic consultation can be done by Dr. Buchanan to determine if there are spacing or bite problems that should be addressed through orthodontic treatment. 

Common orthodontic treatments offered at Dr. Buchanan Orthodontist Services in McKinney:

  • Spacers to create or maintain room for incoming teeth
  • Palatal expanders that can widen jaw arches while a patient is still growing.
  • Brackets and wires (braces)
  • Appliances to manage jaw alignment and growthrelated to the teeth. 70% of orthodontic treatment in children corrects overbites/overjets due to an underdeveloped lower jaw.
  • Removal of baby teeth and sometimes permanent teeth if necessary
  • Appliances to break habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrust that are contributing to bite problems 

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