Financial and Insurance Information for your Braces

We take insurance for Braces, cost of braces

We want to make braces affordable and will set up a payment plan to finance the cost of braces. Additionally, we will happily help ensure you receive maximum benefits from your insurance policy.

Orthodontic benefits are an estimate since payments are received over the length of the treatment. There are many reasons that can cause an insurance plan to change such as employers changing carriers, benefits changing, or even a job change. Please notify us as soon as possible if any changes occur.

Payment Information

We offer a variety of payment options to make orthodontic treatment and cost of braces affordable.

  • Family Discounts
  • All major credit cards including Care Credit accepted
  • In-office financing with no interest
  • Receipts for Flex/HAS
  • Additional discounts for accounts paid in full at the start of treatment

If you have any questions regarding insurance, finance, or special arrangements not listed above, please contact our office. We look forward to working with you!

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