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Never too late to change your smile

While people tend to associate orthodontics with children, over 30% of all orthodontic patients are adults, eighteen to seventy years of age.

To better serve our adult patients, our office provides an area just for them.That percentage keeps climbing as adults realize the return on their orthodontic investment with better dental health and a great smile.

Damon Technology braces have made treatment easier for adults since it lessens the need for extractions and surgery.   Most adult cases can be completed in 12-16 months with Damon System technology.

Custom braces for adults, McKinney TX

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This infographic illustrates the facts and figures behind the benefits of a better smile and combats the fears adults most commonly associate with wearing braces.

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There’s lots of great information within the Damon Smile infographic, titled “Never Too Late” and some highlights include: Appearance: Many adults believe that braces are unsightly and bulky, but with the clear, aesthetic braces available today—such as Damon ClearTM—consumers have a more subtle treatment option

Time: Today’s consumer wants fast treatment and fortunately Damon Smile reduces treatment time by six months, on average

Cost: To ease the financial burden of braces, many orthodontists offer flexible payment plans that help mitigate costs. Additionally, most insurance providers will cover up to 50 percent of treatment

Discomfort: Today’s braces are less invasive than orthodontic appliances of the past, preventing pain and reducing the need for extractions and headgears

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