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Making the Community Smile Since 1996

Dr. Jennifer Buchanan - Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Making the Community Smile Since 1996


Living Magazine, December 2016

Over the past two decades, Dr. Jennifer Buchanan has found many ways to make the local community smile. From the thousands of spectacular smiles she creates for her orthodontic patients to the popular, annual SMILES Charity Concert and Family Festival whose profits build homes for wounded veterans; from annual shoe drive for local students to her Halloween candy buy-back that’s seen thousands of pounds of candy donated to our troops, Dr. Buchanan makes our community smile.

Christmas Smiles

During the month of December those smiles are even brighter, thanks to Dr. Buchanan Orthodontics’ annual toy drive. Over the past 18 years, with help from her patients and their families, Dr. Buchanan has donated thousands of Christmas toys to local kids from lower income families. This year’s toy drive is in full swing with local high school cheerleaders and honor roll students helping collect toy donations to be distributed through WFAA’s Santa’s Helpers program. You can help by bringing new unwrapped toys to Dr. Buchanan Orthodontics by December 8th.

Orthodontic Excellence

Dr. Buchanan Orthodontics has helped thousands of patients of all ages realize a better-looking and healthier, better-functioning smile. Together with a staff with an amazing 150 years total combined experience, Dr. Buchanan embraces the very latest orthodontic technology while maintaining a highly personal touch, with Dr. Buchanan herself seeing every patient on every visit to the office.

Next-Generation Technology

Dr. Buchanan Orthodontics stays on the cutting edge by offering i-CAT Imaging which allows Dr. Buchanan to obtain 3-D images of a patient’s mouth, right in her office. State-of-the-art Lythos Digital Scanner has helped her do away with gooey, messy models of patients’ teeth. Impressions are taken digitally, in-office, much quicker than ever before. “And the Damon System allows me to achieve full, natural, 10-tooth smiles with light biologically-sensible forces, specifically designed to improve the overall facial result of each patient, without extracting teeth and without the bulky head gear like I wore as a child,” she said.

Insignia Customized Braces

One of the most exciting advancements in Dr. Buchanan’s 20 years in practice is Insignia Braces, which allow Dr. Buchanan to offer each patient 100% customized brackets and wires that fit their teeth—and only their teeth—for more precise treatment. Beginning with 3-D software representation of their exact tooth positioning, Dr. Buchanan can show each patient their finished result before they even begin treatment. Then each bracket is precisely calculated to affect their unique tooth movement in the most optimal way, resulting in fewer office visits, shorter office visits, and exemplary results.

“I’ve seen patients who were told they required jaw surgery and many who were told they had to have teeth extracted, before braces could straighten their smile,” Dr. Buchanan said. “But with Insignia I’m able to help them without surgery or extraction. The results are amazing, much faster, and treatment is far less invasive.”

Every year Dr. Buchanan awards several orthodontic scholarships to deserving patients. She promotes dental health at local schools, sponsors local sports teams, provides career guidance for students interested in dentistry, and hosts CPR training for dental professionals. She and her team honor appointment times and offer early morning and late evening appointments to accommodate patient’s schedules. They’re now accepting new patients.


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Dr. Jennifer Buchanan - Monday, October 03, 2016

Hi-Tech Clear Brackets Provide Fast, Comfortable Treatment, Extraordinary Smiles and Faces for Image-Conscious Adults and Teens


McKinney residents who want straight teeth and a fuller, more beautiful smile without the awkward look and discomfort of traditional braces no longer have to settle for metal brackets or clear aligners. Dr. Jennifer Buchanan of Buchanan Orthodontics/McKinney Braces is now offering Damon® Clear™, a virtually invisible braces system that delivers fast, comfortable treatment without the “metal mouth” look to accommodate today’s image-conscious adults and teens.

Traditional braces require elastic ties to hold wires in place, which can accumulate bacteria, stain or “yellow” during treatment and often require uncomfortable “tightening” that can actually hinder tooth movement and prolong treatment. In contrast, Damon Clear braces resist staining with the innovative Damon Smile “tieless” brackets and high-tech memory-shaped wires that eliminate the need for uncomfortable periodic “tightening.” With Damon, the wires move freely within the brackets for better oral hygiene and appearance, as well as fast, comfortable tooth movement. 

“Damon Smile allows me to treat patients faster and more comfortably than ever before,” said Dr. Buchanan. “My patients appreciate the convenience and discreet appearance of the Damon Clear braces, and I can create beautiful smiles with better facial results compared to traditional braces.”

Damon Smile treatment uses light, continuous force wires with tieless brackets. The gentle pressure exerted by Damon Smile discourages the need for tooth extractions and the use of headgear in the vast majority of cases.

“Damon Smile is one of the most innovative orthodontic treatments on the market and it’s already been used to treat more than 4.5 million cases around the world,” Dr. Buchanan said. “We’re very pleased to bring this high-tech system to our patients in the McKinney area.”

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About DAMON:

Damon Smile is manufactured and distributed worldwide by Ormco, a division of Sybron Dental Specialties, a leading manufacturer of a broad range of value-added products for the dental profession, including the specialty markets of orthodontics, endodontics and implantology for more than 50 years.


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