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Floss Like A Boss

Dr. Jennifer Buchanan - Tuesday, September 01, 2015
Floss Like A Boss
  1. Floss Threaders: These little lassos help you thread floss under the wire so you can get down to the gum line and all the way between the teeth. 
  2. Water Pik: Water flossing removes trapped food from dental braces. 
  3. A Proxabrush: Sometimes referred to as “go-betweens,” these look like little pipe cleaners or Christmas tree brushes and are used just like you’d expect—they “go between” braces and teeth to clean food and plaque. They don’t replace floss, but they are great for using on-the-go to get food from between your teeth and also do a great job cleaning the brackets themselves. 
  4. Patience and Time: Patience might be the most important part of your brushing routine with braces. It takes a while to learn how to maneuver around braces with floss and other tools! Over time you will become more skilled and the process will become easier, but it’s still a good idea to set aside 10 minutes or so, morning and night, to make sure you do a really great job on your teeth. Taking these tips into account, you’ll be sure to be congratulated by Dr. Buchanan. 

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