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Award- Winning Orthodontics in McKinney


Feb 2016 | McKinney Living Magazine

Twenty years of winning smiles
When any medical practicerepeatedly garners awards andrecognition, that attention warrantsinterest. Even more so whenit comes from peers, patients, andthe community at large. Such is the case with the office of orthodontist Dr. Jennifer Buchanan in McKinney. Awarded Small Business of the Year and McKinney Citizen of the Year, Best Orthodontist seven times and most recently awarded the Best Community-Supporting Business, Dr. Buchanan Orthodonticsis the archetype of what every medical practice, every small business should be.

Orthodontic Excellence
For two decades, this thriving orthodontic practice has helped hundreds of patients of every age develop not just a better looking smile but a healthier, better functioning mouth. Together with a staff with an amazing 150 years total combined experience, Dr. Buchanan embraces the very latest orthodontic technology while maintaining a highlypersonal touch, with Dr. Buchanan herself seeing every patient on every visit to the office.

Insignia Customized Braces
Insignia braces allow Dr. Buchanan to offer each patient 100 percent customized brackets and wires that fit their teeth—and only their teeth—for more precise treatment. Beginning with 3D software representation of their exact tooth positioning, Dr. Buchanan is able to show each patient their finished result before they begin treatment. Then each bracket is precisely calculated to affect their unique tooth movement in the most optimal way, resulting in fewer office visits, shorter office visits, and exemplary results.

Damon System
In the past, traditional treatment often required healthy teeth to be pulled and/or the use of palatal expanders to make room for crowded teeth. This approach was often uncomfortable, took longer, and could leave a narrower arch and a flat profile. Thanks to the Damon system, Dr. Buchanancan offer full, natural 10-tooth smiles achieved with light biologically-sensible forces, specifically designed to improve the overall facial result of each patient, without extracting teeth and without the bulky headgear she had to wear as a child.

Next-Generation Technology
Her practice stays on the cutting edge by offering the i-CAT Imaging System by which Dr.Buchanan can obtain 3D images of a patient’smouth, right in the office. Also, utilizing a state-of-the-art Lythos Digital Scanner means she no longer has to subject patients to those gooey, messy models of theirteeth. Impressions are taken digitally, in-office, and much quicker. This technology married to the Insignia Customized Braces means patients achieve their desired results quicker and treatment is much easier on them. Dr. Buchanan and her team honor appointment times and offer early morning and late evening appointments to accommodate patients’ schedules.

Making a Difference
In her off time, Dr. Buchanan participates in many philanthropic projects including starting her own charity that hosts 15,000 fans each year with her SMILES Charity Concert and Family Festival to raise funds to build homes for wounded veterans. “It’s good for my young patients to learn to give back, that one person really can make a difference,” she said. “I feel blessed to have found several ways to help others, to get the whole city involved in making our community a great place to live and work.” Just this past Christmas, Dr. Buchanan offered her patients the chance to contribute to a toy drive. They came through with dozens of toys, and the Samaritan Inn helped distribute them to local kids in need. And her patients donated over 1,000 gently-used pairs of shoes for back-to-school last year plus funds to purchase 150 new pairs. Every year Dr. Buchanan awards a number of orthodontic scholarships to deserving patients. She promotes dental health at local schools, sponsors local sports teams, provides career guidance for students interested in orthodontics and dentistry, and hosts CPR training for dental and orthodontic professionals.

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